Enhance Your Life

How I use Coaching to enhance your life:

I inspire individuals in their desires to achieve personal growth by means of True Choices.

I am a coach because one of my greatest passions in life is to help others to live the most satisfying lives possible both personally and/or professionally.

I believe each of us has distinct gifts and talents to offer the world and make a unique contribution to the lives of the people we touch. As your guide, mentor, collaborator, advocate and biggest fan, I will help you create a clear life vision and customized roadmap for your journey.

I have a highly developed spirit of optimism, very positive energy, and I’m enthusiastic and passionate about what I do. I believe we can face most issues with a sense of lightness and humor so that we can enjoy not just the destination, but the entire journey.

However, I believe one of my successes as a coach is ultimately measured by the success of my clients and the wonderfully satisfying results we achieve together through our coaching relationship.

I will work with you to achieve the changes that you desire.

Together, we will examine your circumstances in order to clarify your needs and wants, your values, and your goals. We will assess your unique strengths and limitations in order to develop realistic strategies, and will identify and address personal and practical obstacles to change.

My assistance in this process will involve helping you to identify alternatives, to examine different perspectives upon your situation, to creatively problem-solve, to generate new solutions, and to experience more possibilities.

I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you – your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, your concerns. You will find that I am an attentive sounding board; someone who will listen without judgment, ask the right questions and help you clarify your thoughts and desires.

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